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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is On Your Committee?

The Vote No - There's A Better Way Committee is a non-partisan, grassroots group of Shawnee residents who came together out of concern for this project.

Are You Against Any Community Center?

No. We are opposed to this project and the tax increase for the reasons stated on this website. We believe there is a better way.

How much will this proposal actually cost?

The bond costs $38 million but will cost the taxpayers $54 million with interest


This reality is not clear in the ballot language but is buried in the city's documents on the proposed project and is not easy to find.

How Do I Vote?

  • This is a MAIL-IN ONLY BALLOT. This means there will be no traditional polling places.

  • All registered voters in Shawnee will receive a ballot by May 3rd. Register to vote by April 30th at JoCoElection.org

  • Mark “NO” on your ballot. SIGN THE BALLOT.

  • Mail Your Ballot Early.  It does not need a stamp. Ballots are due at the Election Office by Noon on May 21st to be counted. Return your ballot as soon as possible to ensure timely delivery.

Click here for further explanation of what to look for in your mailbox and how the mail-in ballot process works.

I Lost My Ballot, How Do I Get A Replacement?

Contact the Johnson County Election Office before May 17th. Call 913-715-6800 or visit JoCoElection.org