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How Will Voting Work?

This is one of the most common questions we have been hearing. Many people have never participated in an election with a mail-in ballot. We hope this page addresses your questions.

When will the ballot arrive in my mailbox?

The Johnson County Election Office will mail ballots to all registered voters in Shawnee on May 1.

Ballots should arrive in mailboxes by May 3.

What do I need to look for in my mail?

Each registered voter in your household will receive their own ballot.

The spcial election ballot will arrive in an envelope like the one pictured

What will the ballot look like?

Be sure to completely fill in the oval to the left of your 'NO' vote. This is the only mark you will need to make on the ballot itself.

Sample ballot

What do I do after completing the ballot?

Next, you must sign and date the flap on the return envelope. Ballots which are returned to the election office without this flap filled out will not be counted. This flap will be removed by the Johnson County Election Office to ensure the confidentiality of each ballot.

Only one ballot per return envelope. Each member of the household must complete their own return envelope and return their ballot in that envelope.

If you voted without the assistance of another person, you only need to complete section one. The first line is for you to print your name, the second line is for you to confirm your address, and the third line is for your signature and the date of your vote.

Anyone who requires assistance in completing their ballot must also fill in sections two and three.

The flap of the return envelope mus be filled out.

How do I submit my ballot?

All that's left is to ensure the envelope is sealed and drop it in the mail. This can be in your own mailbox or any United States Postal Service drop off location. Be sure to mail your ballot back as soon as possible to ensure it is delivered in time to be counted.

All ballots must arrive at the Johnson County Election Office before noon on Tuesday, May 21. 

Can I hand deliver my ballot?

Yes! Your completed ballot, enclosed and sealed inside the completed return envelope, can be hand delivered to the Johnson County Election Office located at 2101 E. Kansas City Road in Olathe, Kansas.

You can drop off your ballot 24/7 using the ballot drop-off slot near the front door.

As with ballots returned by mail, all ballots must be at the Johnson County Election Office before noon on May 21.

When will the final results be known?

The Board of Canvassers will certify the final results on Tuesday, May 28.

Final election results will be available on the Johnson County Election Office website, Facebook page, Twitter page, or in person at the Johnson County Election Office in Olathe.

Still have questions?

If we didn't address your question, let us know! You can reach us by Email, Facebook, or Twitter.