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Reasons To Vote No

Do you know all the facts?


This Proposal Requires A Property Tax Increase Which Never Expires

The property tax increase won't expire even after the bonds are paid off. This is above and beyond tax increases based on increased appraisal values, placing a strain on many residents, particularly those on fixed and lower incomes, seniors, and the disabled.

Note: This chart is based on 2018 appraisals, not your most recent 2019 appraisal.

Men with Calculator

Many Shawnee Residents Can't Afford Higher Property Taxes

The new tax would place a strain on many residents, particularly those on fixed and lower incomes, seniors, and the disabled.


Residents Would Pay Substantial Membership Fees to Use Proposed Community Center

On top of the taxes, there will be membership fees to use the community center.

These membership fees do not include any classes, those will cost additional fees.

As the chart shows, members can pay monthly, but the annual cost of a monthly membership is even more expensive. 


The Proposed Center Will Never Support Itself

Operating costs exceed revenues. There is a projected shortfall of $1.5 million over the first five years alone.


The shortfall will be covered by taking funds from other community needs and taxes that you already pay.

The city's projections only go for five years, but 
as was discussed at this city council meeting, the deficits would surely continue in future years as well. The city's design team would not forecast beyond five years, even when pressed by members of the council.

Significant pothole, 8200 Monticello Road

Diverts Money From Important Community Needs

Operating the facility will divert funds from critical needs, including additional police officers and firefighters; streets, curbs and gutters, stormwater replacements, and flood control.

There are tens of millions in unfunded needs across Shawnee.

Photo: 8200 block of Monticello Road in western Shawnee. Concrete road, patched with asphalt and still broken away to reveal concrete support structure.

Existing health and wellness facilities in Shawnee

Competes Against Existing Private Health & Wellness Facilities

There are at least 15 existing health and wellness facilities in Shawnee. Most did not receive taxpayer funding and would be negatively impacted.

Several of these facilities are owned and operated by Shawnee residents. They will pay increased taxes on their home and their business.

Two facilities are already funded by tax dollars through the Johnson County Parks & Recreation District.